Activists recall putting their young lives on the line to fight segregation and racism, and discuss how times have changed with college students and others who hope to follow in their footsteps. Helen and Robert Singleton discussed their roles in the civil rights movement.
Past and future of civil rights come together at ‘Freedom Riders’ screening
By Sandy Banks, January 8, 2011, Los Angeles Times

Robert and Helen Singleton were among the students who participated in the 1961 Freedom Rides. A PBS documentary is helping to renew interest in the civil rights campaign.
Taking a trip into history with the Freedom Riders
By Louis Sahagun, January 15, 2011, Los Angeles Times

Helen Singleton, 73, and her husband, Robert, 70, who married in 1955 and traveled from California to challenge segregation as Freedom Riders in the spring and summer of 1961, are shown here along with mug shots taken 45 years ago this month.
New York Times Magazine, 2006
By Eric Etheridge, July 2006, New York Times Magazine