Cover of Breach of Peace book showing Helen Singleton

Breach Of Peace
Portraits of the 1961 Freedom Riders

by Eric Etheridge
Preface by Roger Wilkins
Foreword by Diane McWhorter

Collected here in a richly illustrated, large-format book featuring over seventy contemporary photographs, alongside the original mug shots, and exclusive interviews with former Freedom Riders, is a moving archive of a chapter in U.S. history that hasn’t yet closed.
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2007, Oxford University Press

Freedom Riders
1961 and the Struggle for Racial Justice

by Raymond Arsenault
The Freedom Riders story is one of the most important episodes of the Civil Rights movement, yet a full-length history has never been written until now. In these pages, acclaimed historian Raymond Arsenault provides a gripping account of six pivotal months that jolted the consciousness of America.
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